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Dean N.

Jun 2018

Kelly Hwang is the best dentist I have ever had!  She is incredibly sharp, thoughtful, and service-oriented.  She is a rare find!  And, my teeth have never looked or felt better.  Thank you!

John S.

Mar 2018

Best dentist ever!

Angela A.

Dec 2017

I was referred to Dr. Lee's office by my PCP. I needed to get my sleep apnea appliance replaced and was in need of a consultation. When I called I spoke with Suzette. She listened to my concerns and worked with her team to fit me in the next day. She also gathered my information to verify my health insurance to determine coverage for my appliance. When I met Dr. Lee for my appointment, he already knew what was going on with my case. During the consultation, he mentioned that he could repair my appliance in 20 mins for a fraction of the cost. Thank you Dr. Lee and team for fitting me in and assisting me with my appliance. I'll definitely be back.

Jon B.

Nov 2017

Dr. Lee is a very thorough and meticulous dentist and I highly recommend him. I went to him for a mandibular advancement device (snore guard) and he has been extremely responsive in making sure the device worked properly in follow up visits.  Friendly staff as well!

Sandeep G.

Nov 2017

Needed to get my wisdom tooths removed.I saw the reviews on yelp and approached Dr Lee's clinic. He seem very knowledgeable and frank, so we setup the date for extraction.I was a little nervous but Dr Lee handled it perfectly and all 4 problematic molars were gone in single visit within 30 minutes.I have no swelling and writing this review the very next morning of my that speaks for itselfThe prices are reasonableThankyou Dr Lee

Cedric H.

Oct 2017

Dr. Lee and his staff are great! They always make sure you're comfortable. I've always been scared to go to the dentist and it's caused a lot of issues. Dr. Lee has made me feel comfortable and made sure it was easy to go through the process.

Mariana G.

Oct 2017

I recently switched my dental insurance and have heard about Dr. Lee through a mutual friend. The entire staff is very welcoming and completely changed my dental experience. I wanted braces and Dr.Lee explained my choices, the entire procedure, and after care. The assistant Kevin made sure I was comfortable throughout the procedure and they both made me laugh. They answered all my questions and were very kind. I recommend this place 10/10.

Dawn Z.

Oct 2017

Super friendly staff! Efficient and hassle free. Highly recommend.

Lynn M.

Sep 2017

All the staffs here are very nice. Dr. Lee cares for his patient. He extends his time to make sure the procedures are done properly. He gives extra time to make sure your questions have all been answered. I recommend this clinic because of the quality of service and the character of the staffs.

Steven P.

Sep 2017

I've been seeing Dr. Lee and his staff for five years, since I first came to the bay area. Him and his staff are great. I highly recommend them.

Sondra N.

Sep 2017

I was referred to Dr. Lee by a coworker. I've been to the office twice for extended work. Dr. Lee is GREAT. He works quickly, and completely, fastidious about details. His hygienists are great, happy, and do great work as well. The office runs efficiently, if someone doesn't have an answer, they'll get it AND remember to come tell you. Dr. Lee tells you what he's going to do before he does it, he works well with his staff. Dr. Kwang pitched in a couple of times and she is great as well, patient, answers questions, and a sure hand!! Highly recommend!!

Janet L.

Sep 2017

Dr Lee is attentive to details. I commented that i really liked the G.U.M. toothbrush and he remembers to order them for next inventory and i got it again on my next dental cleaning.

Angelika M.

Sep 2017

I moved here from Southern California last and was worried it was going to be difficult to find a replacement for my long time dentist of 10+ years. I have terrible TMJ and needed a new bite guard. Dr. Lee and his staff were able to help me with my TMJ & it ended up costing less than expected! #win

Raymond S.

Sep 2017

I love Dr. Lee and Dr. Hwong. They're really professional at what they do and take excellent care of you from start to finish. They've expanded and are here to take care any and all issues one may have. Thank you and I look forward to coming back. Also Ms. Gazelle the account manager is really good at explaining everything as far as what insurance covers and not. Thanks again

Yasen I.

Sep 2017

Been going for 3 years. Great service and friendly staff!


Aug 2017

Dr Lee works with us in a professional manner and clarifies all questions. He monitors your dental health meticulously and helps you with future planning. Bottom line is thumbs up!

Kaushik C.

Aug 2017

Excellent dentist

Angela A.

Aug 2017

I was referred to Dr. Lee's office by my PCP. I needed to get my sleep apnea appliance replaced and was in need of a consultation. When I called I spoke with Suzette. She listened to my concerns and worked with her team to fit me in the next day. She also gathered my information to verify my health insurance to determine coverage for my appliance. When I met Dr. Lee for my appointment, he already knew what was going on with my case. During the consultation, he mentioned that he could repair my appliance in 20 mins for a fraction of the cost. Thank you Dr. Lee and team for fitting me in and assisting me with my appliance. I'll definitely be back.

Mansi G.

Aug 2017

I must say , Dr lee is very professional and patient . I am one of those nervous patients who needs a lot of patience . I had my all four wisdom teeth extracted  with local anesthesia from doctor lee and it was not very painful as I thought it would be . He was very patient with me and understood my anxiety during the procedure . He gave me enough time to calm down .I am very thankful to you doctor and very happy that I found you .

Jennifer S.

Aug 2017

I don't normally leave review but i think it is an opportunity for people to see the real review.  Dr lee is very detailed and professional and educate you about what you have. It seems like he goes to seminar every month to educate himself so it is huge ++ In my opinion. He is really gentle and not aggressive comparing to other dentists that i've been to. I highly recommend him

Kathy H.

Jul 2017

This office is great. I came for my final check-up here before moving to Southern California. Dr. Hwang, Dr. Lee, and all the staff seemed so bummed about me leaving. I'll really miss all of them. For someone with high dental anxiety (even cleanings make me nervous), they really went above and beyond to make me feel at ease. They're both smart and passionate about dentistry, and most importantly, have gentle hands. I love this office.

Marcus T.

Jul 2017

While not perfect, Tiffany is by far the best hygenist I've ever had at a dentist.  She's extremely knowledgeable, recommends products only that she tries herself, and got me into using Gum floss because it not only gets into tight spaces, expands, but also is woven so it is able to pull stuff from the side of teeth.  She also recommended a higher prescription strength flouride toothpaste, that I sometimes use on the floss at night to make my teeth (and gums) feel super clean.  When she cleans, she cleans very diligently, and can customize her cleaning to go deeper to lighter depending on your pain sensitivity and how deep of a clean you want.  I've also had a deep cleaning once by them, and have had one cavity (only in my life) done by Dr. Lee and have not had issues since.  I'm leaving this review primarily for the hygenist, because 99% of my time at the dentist is from a cleaning by a hygenist (and have only had one cavity my entire life).The only criticism I would provide is that I had one cleaning where the dentist never checked anything out after the cleaning (I think he was no longer around by that time), the billing is a bit weird as there is more back and forth with insurance companies (but always resolves itself and I don't have to get involved and there are no unexpected costs, I only know from the letters).

saem l.

Jun 2017

I've spent a LOT of time in the dental chair.  I had many issues with my teeth since I was young and have been become more fearful of the dentist as I got older.  I always had something to fix in my mouth every time I went to the dentist.  I've been working with Dr. Lee and his staff for over 3 years now.  He has never scolded me about hygiene habits or what I eat.  What I like most about him is that he will explain everything in detail and he even takes pictures of my teeth so I understand the problems.  I've never had a dentist take pictures of my teeth.  And he not only fixes what he has to, but we also discuss modifying my eating habits to have healthier teeth.  I've always been frustrated going to the dentist because every time I get cavities, the dentists and hygienist just keep telling me to brush and floss more.  I brush 3 times a day and floss every day.  I can only do so much.  I felt like a dog chasing its own tail.  Finally after all these years of going to the dentist, I finally feel that I have some control over the fate of my mouth.  Dr. Lee's staff are also great.  His hygienists are always gentle and informative.  Suzette has always been great helping me navigate my insurance questions.  And I just met Dr. Hwang this last visit and she is so sweet.  Overall, this is a great dental office and I'm so happy my friend referred me here.  I will have to pay it forward.

In L.

Jun 2017

I've been going to Dr. Lee's office for over 6 years now.  Whenever a friend needs a dentist, I always send them his way.  His work quality is great and he really knows his stuff.  What I like most about him is that he keeps things simple and his bedside manner is very calm and professional.  He doesn't use too much "dentist speak" so I always feel comfortable asking my questions.  I've had other dentists in the past appear frustrated, yet Dr. Lee and his staff are always willing to be patient with me.  My kids have really taken a liking to him and his staff.  My husband hates going to the dentist and he doesn't take very good care of his teeth, but when he comes back, he always seems to have a renewed sense to do better.  Unfortunately, our life circumstances have changed and we had to move away from Mountain View, but we are still close enough and my schedule is flexible enough to still make the drive to see him.  Finding a great dentist you can trust his hard, so I'm willing to make the drive.  I look forward to many more years of great service!

Diego B.

May 2017

Let me start by saying AMAZING ! I had been looking for a dental office for monthsUntil i found this place .. this place is great from the first call to the friendly staff taking my x-ray's.The doctor really took her  time to explain the treatment i needed ! I had requested Dr.Lee since he had so many great reviews but he was not available the day i was but the front staff mentioned that DR.Hwang was available So i decided to give her a chance sooI did ... let me say this much AMAZING ! Dr.hwang was so nice and took her time to explain things and made me feel so confertabkespecially since i get anxiety when i go to the dentist !

Vicky C.

May 2017

First, I really do not enjoy going to the dentist. I've had multiple cavities throughout my childhood and get anxiety every time I go. I first saw Dr. Lee two years ago for a cracked tooth. I had avoided going for some time so there was some definite decay on the tooth. After my X-ray, he was very honest about the different possibilities of treatment. We would try a crown first, but if it were to cause more problems a root canal was a possibility. I came back a week or so later to put in the crown. Like I said, I fear these procedures and had told Dr. Lee about my concerns. He was helpful and really walked me through the process, he was able to identify when I needed to be numbed more before I even said anything. All in all it went as great as putting in a crown can go.During the last part of the procedure when you remove the temp crown and put in a new crown numbing is not always necessary, he recommended I still get it knowing I hated the shots. The tooth was very close to nerve and I was so glad I got numbed because it would have been terrible if I didn't. I'm glad I listened to his advice, but he did give me the option as he knew I hate the shots for numbing. This small act really showed he cares for his patients. He recommended I wear a night guard as I had some evidence of grinding. He warned that if I didn't, there would be a possibility the crown would crack as I had another crown underneath on the bottom row. Fast forward to today, my crown had chipped. I hadn't been wearing the nightguard... Food was getting stuck and it was starting to get sore. I made an appointment, which they were even able to reschedule to a sooner date. The staff was aware I wanted to come early as possible and even remembered my time constraints (I have very strict work hours). I came in and had my cleaning, and Dr. Lee checked it out and was able to fix my crown painlessly and quickly! He gave me a couple of options, we went with the option that would be painless, but still effective and long lasting.  I was relieved and so happy if the fix. He warned me of some possible upcoming consequences of not wearing the nightguard. His warning two years turned out to be true so I will definitely be wearing my nightguard every night now! He is very knowledgeable and credentialed in his fields. I also suffer from TMJ and the nightguard has been helpful. Dr. Lee is sincere and connects with patients. He cares about them and is very clear in communicating with them. I even overheard a fun conversation he was having with a younger patient next to me. If you hate going to the dentist, Dr. Lee is definitely someone you should go see!

Michelle S.

Mar 2017

There is no better dentist than Dr. Lee. I'm convinced of this. I've always had such anxiety about going to the dentist - to the extent that I avoided it for years (oops). It seems as if my entire office uses Dr. Lee and told me to schedule an appointment with him. It took some convincing, but I eventually went in for a cleaning. Not surprisingly, I had developed quite a few cavities and needed some work done. He knew I was nervous about everything. Consistently, he always provided me with many different treatment options and suggestions to reduce my anxiety regarding dental work. Whenever I've had to do something a bit more intensive (i.e. crowns) he takes pictures real time of my teeth and shows me what he will work on and why so I know he's being honest and transparent. He's so patient with his patients and really takes the time to get to know you. I really couldn't recommend another dentist more highly. Oh, also, he's a Bruin!

Scott S.

Mar 2017

OUTSTANDING! Dr. Lee and his staff are beyond great. I always feel at home when I walk through the door and laugh with the staff throughout my visit. Invisalign: the entire process was painless. 12 months, 24 trays and I was done. I love the way my teeth turned out. Dr. Lee even did some awesome shaping to make them look perfect. He's very detail oriented, kind and genuinely a 'great guy'... They even worked with me on paying off the balance. VERY COOL! Teeth Whitening: they have a cutting edge process that makes your teeth look flawlessly white. It's affordable, fast and impactful. Highly suggest it vs. all the over the counter stuff or other painful processes. General Cleaning: easy, painless and they're on top of your oral care in a non pushy way. They do not suggest anything unless it's mandatory. Wisdom Teeth Pulled: I'm 45 years old. Anyone who know anything about pulling wisdom teeth when your older would know it can be an insanely painful process. Not for me..., I did a general numbing agent and the other Dr... forgot her name but, I loved her... she was awesome... yanked them right out. No infection, no issues. Stop looking and make this your home for oral care. You won't regret it.

Aaron P.

Feb 2017

Dr. Lee and his dental office are A-MAZ-ZING!  If you are looking for a dentist, I highly recommend. Here is my experience:  Full disclosure, I don't enjoy the dentist.  After I broke a tooth and was in pain, I had to find a new provider.  After my initial consult, I met with a hygienist, Tiffany, who actually managed to make a cleaning fun and friendly and virtually pain free, despite my condition.  Once I saw Dr. Lee, he walked me through all my options and gave me his recommendations.  Personal, professional and WOW, great results.  Despite a root canal and a crown, my visits and follow up have been great.  Even had a billing issue pop up and Suzette and the rest of the team handled everything tremendously well. Smooth sailing and a great smile. Super happy here.

Sergei H.

Jan 2017

Absolutely amazing service. Quality of care and attention to patients are just second to none.  Highly recommended. Dr. Lee and Dr. Hwang are super knowledgeable and caring doctors. Their staff is superb. Special shout-out to Suzette for her knowledge, customer service, patience and help with insurance mumbo-jumbo.

Amy P.

Jan 2017

Dr. Lee and his team are amazing! I hadn't been to the dentist in over 2.5 years. I am terrified of needles, but 11 fillings later, Dr. Lee and his team made it painless. He even accommodated me in completing the entire procedure in one visit! The office is clean and inviting and the front office staff make you feel welcome from the start. Thank you, Dr. Lee and team!

Alex L.

Dec 2016

Like having a personal dentist. Ok one reason I created a yelp account is to review Dr Lee.  I initially went there to get a teeth whitening done through a promotion BUT was quickly surprised that Dr Lee himself email me, not once but over 10 or so time each time thorough and caring.  I seriously felt like I had a personal dentist.   He unlike many many other dentists is non pretentious and really try to understand my needs but also recommend me what he thinks.  He also did an amazing, creative, way to get me teeth whiten that I jokingly labeled poor's man veneer.  I'm glad I found this place and it has help me tremendously beyond my expectation.  Seriously, Dr Lee if you are reading this, I'm extremely grateful and thank you for listening and helping me when other dentists would've just brush me off.

Omar F.

Dec 2016

I graduated! After a few years on cleanings every 4 months due to periodontal disease, Tiffany finally moved me back to a once every 6 months regular cleaning schedule due to significant improvement in my gum's health. Tiffany has been very patient and thorough throughout the past 2 years providing me with the right guidance on what critical steps to take to improve my dental health and has been providing me with great feedback each time I've gone back. By following her recommendations of dental care at home, I was able to significantly improve my gum's health and move back to a regular schedule of cleanings at the dentist. I would say that it's been great to have Tiffany to guide me throughout it all. She is always upbeat, regardless of how many patients she's seen, is caring and I don't think I've met anyone that cares about teeth more than her. 5 stars all around. The rest of the staff is also awesome, based on previous experiences, but Tiffany has had to bear with me the most and has been amazing.

Julie C.

Dec 2016

Just started coming to Dr. Lee's office last month. We moved from west Los Angeles and were looking for a good dentist/ hygienist. We received his name a friend and after reading his reviews here, we close used to book appointments.This office is thorough and professional. Tiffany is a wonderful hygienist and does a great job of explaining all your problem areas as well as how you can improve on them through your dental routine. Dr. Lee was knowledgable and comprehensive with his assessment and recommendations.I appreciate that they give you the cost of their care before you move ahead, especially when things will come out of pocket. We're very satisfied with their service.

Omar F.

Nov 2016

I've been going to this office for the past 3 years. Everyone on the staff is great. The appointments...

Dennis D.

Oct 2016

Dr. Lee and his staff have been great. The dental office is up to date, they use extreme care to make sure you are comfortable and pain free, and they are thorough in all areas of dental care. Dr Lee and Dental Assistant Tiffany go out their way to make sure all questions are answered.

Jessica T.

Aug 2016

I'm new to CA. I moved here from MN a few months ago. I have been hesitant to find a dentist around here because I have a background in dentistry and I know how offices can be. My dentist recommended me to a place in San Francisco which is too far away for me. I was looking between my insurance and help reviews and found Dr Lee. I called them up, the person that I talked to seemed really friendly. When I went in I had Tiffany has my hygienist and she blew my mind. What a fun spirited bubbly person. She gave me wonderful care. I was impressed with the care I received. When the Dr came in to look over everything and give me a diagnosis He was honest and seemed very real. I was given great options on treatment and am excited to get further care from this office. Thanks!

Max N.

Aug 2016

Dr. Lee is an amazing professional! I'd been having a fear of dentists since I was a kid. I always tried to avoid dental service because of the trauma I got as a child. As a result majority of my teeth require treatment. Dr. Lee and his crew were able to fight my phobia and I don't have fear anymore! Thank you so much doctor!Last visit Dr. Lee did the wisdom tooth extraction. Believe me or not, but i did not feel anything. Nothing. Even after the numb shot effect went away i had no bleeding, no pain. I recommend Dr. Lee to everyone!

Rose P.

Aug 2016

Fantastic staff! Dr. Lee is great

Lea L.

Jul 2016

Dr. Lee and staff are all very friendly and accommodating. Best dental office I have been to.

Dawn H.

Jul 2016

Absolutely the best dentist office I've even gone to! Switched to Dr Lee's office after 12 years with another good dental group due to cost and in network insurance. From Paula in the front office, to the accounting & dental team, they are honest and fair. A special shout out to Dr Kimi Morita who goes beyond day to day patient care, by checking on you on weekends and email. I plan on being with their office long term, cannot say enough positive things about Dr Lee's group. They also specialize in many areas, like sleep apnea, so no need to see other dentists.


Jul 2016

My son badly chipped his tooth one afternoon. Our regular dentist was away on vacation so after reading Yelp reviews, we called Mtn View Family Dentistry. They were able to get us in right away and the entire staff was so helpful and kind. Dr. Lee explained everything clearly and put my son at ease. They even followed up with us after a few days. We definitely recommend Dr. Lee and his office!

Rebecca T.

Jul 2016

Ram very comfortable recommending Dr Lee and his staff.

Sean F.

Jun 2016

Dr Lee and Dr Muerita are amazing! They have taken time to explain all procedures and costs upfront. Could not be happier.

David M.

May 2016

Love them!ALOTA big lot. They're so friendly and experienced

Vivek D.

May 2016

I did my first dental visit and found this one through my wife's insurance provider. The staff is very friendly and I was attended by DR Morita. She took utmost care of me and cleaned my tooth. She also explained about dental facts in detail and provided me a fabulous plan to take care of my tooth. More than anything I have to say the care and kindness she showed gave me the personal touch I needed. I will surely have her as my regular dentist. Great job guys.

Andy L.

May 2016

If you are looking for the best dental team in all of Silicon Valley, Dr. Joseph Lee and his staff might well be it. A high level of expertise and modern equipment is what his practice exemplifies.Before coming to Dr. Lee's office, my teeth needed a LOT of work after years of neglect. I had to do a routine cleaning, deep cleaning, and replacement of fifteen aging silver fillings with white fillings. I didn't have insurance, so I had to pay everything out of my own pocket. With potentially having to spend thousands of dollars, I wanted to find the best dentist in Silicon Valley. I researched over a dozen candidates, reading their background biographies, educational history, years of experience, Yelp reviews, and even LinkedIn profiles. Out of this dental Hunger Games, I chose Dr. Joseph Lee based on his credentials, experience, commitment to continuous learning, and stellar reviews. Now after having had my teeth restored to a beautiful state, I am happy about my decision and plan to visit Dr. Joseph Lee for all of my future dental care.During a recent visit, I overheard a conversation where Dr. Morita (the other doctor who is as equally excellent as Dr. Lee) explained her plans to attend a dental conference in New York on Thanksgiving with her family (she comes from a family of orthodontists). A dental conference on Thanksgiving! That is a testament to the continuous education and dedication to their craft that both Dr. Lee and Dr. Morita exemplify. Dr. Lee's website states that he "continually seeks to better his knowledge and skill in order to provide his patients with truly comprehensive care." If you want a dentist who is knowledgeable of the most modern practices and continually improves themselves, you've found the right doctor.

Edward S.

Apr 2016

Everyone is suuuuuuper nice here. At times it felt like I was at Disney Land, until I went on the chair and was reminded that I wasn't.But I couldn't have asked for a better experience at a dentist, so thank you!

Sasha L.

Dec 2015

Ok so let me just say.... AMAZING!I went to Dr. Lee on a recommendation after a bad experience at another dental office for a second opinion. Not only was I extremely impressed by the staff (kind and knowledgable as well as super professional) the office is clean and beautiful as well as the exam/procedure rooms. I was treated so kindly and explained all my options by Dr. Lee. I immediately felt comfortable and scheduled my dual front teeth root canals. On my procedure day I was treated like a queen even though I can't judge morning traffic right and was late. Root canals were a breeze! Fast and absolutely PAINLESS! In and out in less that 2 hours! Dr. Lee is a consummate professional and a magical wondrous dentist! Not only was he a better choice but I would recommend him to anyone seeking a dentist! Thank You Dr. Lee I'll see you again and again!

Cami W.

Dec 2015

Most awesome of dentists ever. Dr. Lee and his staff are the best. I've been seeing Dr. Lee for about a year and have always had the best service. Everyone is so kind and friendly, yet they know their stuff when it comes to dental work. I was in today to get a long overdue dental implant started and had absolutely no issues with the procedure. Dr. Lee is caring and compassionate and very professional. Love you guys!

Andy L.

Nov 2015

If you are looking for the best dental team in all of Silicon Valley, Dr. Joseph Lee and his staff might very well be it. A high level of expertise and extremely modern equipment is what his practice exemplifies.Before coming to Dr. Lee's office, my teeth needed a LOT of work after years of neglect. I had to do a routine cleaning, deep cleaning, and replacement of fifteen aging silver fillings with white fillings. I don't have insurance, so I have to pay everything out of my own pocket. With potentially having to spend thousands of dollars, I wanted to find the best dentist in Silicon Valley. I researched over a dozen candidates, reading their background biographies, educational history, years of experience, Yelp reviews, and even LinkedIn profiles. Out of this dental Hunger Games, I chose Dr. Joseph Lee based on his credentials, experience, commitment to continuous learning, and stellar Yelp reviews. Now after having had my teeth restored to a beautiful state, I am happy about my decision and plan to visit Dr. Joseph Lee for all of my future dental care. During a recent visit, I overheard a conversation where Dr. Morita (the other doctor who is as equally excellent as Dr. Lee) explained her plans to attend a dental conference in New York on Thanksgiving with her family (she comes from a family of orthodontists). A dental conference on Thanksgiving! That is a testament to the continuous education and dedication to their craft that both Dr. Lee and Dr. Morita exhibit. Dr. Lee's website states that he "continually seeks to better his knowledge and skill in order to provide his patients with truly comprehensive care." If you want a dentist who is knowledgeable of the most modern practices and continually improves themselves, you've found the right doctor.

Tatiana H.

Oct 2015

I can't say enough, My husband, my 17 yr. old son and I have been going to Dr. Lee for a three or four years now. I have a horrible fear of dentists and he is calm and patient and waits for me. He makes sure I am okay and then he does his thing. The whole office is professional yet they make you feel like your an old friend. Suzanne who runs front office is beyond wonderful. They tell you up front how much things cost and what your insurance covers. They don't force any treatments either. My husband and son really enjoy Dr. Lee as well, although they don't have the fear issues I have. I am glad to see his office has become busier as everyone seems to have found out how great he is.

Rafael T.

Oct 2015

Excellent service with very charismatic people, Dr Lee, Suzette and Tiffany make a great team.

Azeem M.

Oct 2015

Had a great experience today! That's coming from someone whose scared of dentists. Ha!

Lisinia L.

Sep 2015

Easily the best dentist I've been to--professional, prompt. Office is clean and front desk is professional and kind. I actually look forward to the dental much as anyone can look forward to a dental appointment.

Viktor H.

Sep 2015

Dr Lee and all the personnel are really good, caring, professional, responsive!

Joye C.

Aug 2015

Excellent customer service, great prices!!! Been coming for years and never disappointed. Reasonable pricing; always a plus. :)

Kevin H.

Jul 2015

What separates great professionals from good professionals are the little things that they do. Dr. Lee and his front office staff has exemplified this in every regard during my visits to them. I came in to get my wisdom teeth pulled and had nothing more than previous yelp reviews to go on to make my decision to come to his office.Dr. Lee is extremely professional and takes great care in explaining in detail the procedure and risks involved and was very patient in making sure all my questions were answered. I also can't speak enough of how wonderful their front office staff is. They took care of all my insurance issues without a hitch and were very transparent with what my insurance plan covered. What blew me away was how accommodating they were. Originally, Dr. Lee's next available time for my procedure was not for another two weeks. After I explained that I had to return to school out of state in that time frame, they told me that they would call around to see if they can shift around time slots to accommodate my schedule. They called me not 15 minutes after I left the office and told me they were able to squeeze me in the next day. This only shows how much they care about their customers new or old.As for the procedure, I have nothing but good things to say. He constantly checked on me during the procedure and cracking light-hearted jokes throughout to maintain a relaxed atmosphere. Dr. Lee also made sure to personally call me the next day to make sure I was feeling OK and to answer any additional questions I may have. I highly recommend Dr. Lee and I am sure this won't be the last visit I make to his office.

Jen A.

Jul 2015

I can't speak highly enough about this dental practice. I called and the woman (name starts with an S) at the front desk was so nice and got me a next day appointment for a hurting tooth. I went in and was seen within five minutes of handing in my paperwork. They were able to do a painless tooth extraction in ten minutes. I am so impressed with their level of service, timeliness, competency, and general understanding. I will be back and I hope to refer a few folks their way.

Jay T.

Jul 2015

Wow, Dr Lee and his amazing staff are the best dental office I've ever been to and it is not even close. He was patient, incredibly thorough, and all around amazing. Check in is a breeze. I hardly waited at all. And the staff are highly professional / knowledgeable but also great to talk with. Tiff is a hoot and Suzy was super helpful

Jenn W.

Jul 2015

Back story: From the ages of 5 - 18, I not once saw a dentist. Jerry Seinfeld might call my parents "anti-dentites," but upon adulthood I sought counsel from the art of dentistry and had mixed experiences in my home city.Present day: When I moved to the Bay Area at the mature age of 24, I knew it was time to get serious about my dental health. I had my first cavity and needed to buckle down if I want to die with my real teeth some day.I have been a patient of Dr. Lee's for 2 years and here are some factual testimonies:- My wisdom teeth are impacted. They aren't bothering me. Dr. Lee of course recommends their removal, but he isn't pushy. "When you're ready," he says, but gives consistent professional reminders. I trust him to do the job soon, I am just nervous.- I have some bad plaque and gingivitis. When asked about eating habits, I admitted freely to my ample coffee and pop consumption. Dr. Lee was not judgmental, suggesting "I know going without coffee can be hard. Maybe try it without sugar." Compromise!- His office is on top of my insurance benefits. For example, if my dental insurance will/will not pay for it now or if it is better for my own personal billing if I wait a month or do it a month sooner due to annual copays, they tell me so.- Dr. Lee just had his first baby. I imagine he is probably tired and stressed as hell, but he is still friendly and smiling, and does not rush my allotted appointment times.I like his team so much that even though I moved from Palo Alto up to SF, I still drive down on my day off to see him because I just don't want a new dentist. I get it that mixed experiences happen with patients of all practitioners across disciplines, but I work in healthcare with patients too, and this guy is pretty good.

Kaushik C.

Jun 2015

Dr Lee, has been a excellent dentist. I have been with him for 2 years. I will recommend anybody to use his services

Amrita P.

Jun 2015

Dr. Lee is amazing! He adjusted me into his schedule at the last minute and explained everything to me in detail. His assistants and hygienist are also great. They explained my treatment plan and also how much it would cost me, how much my insurance would cover in full detail. Great customer service! Highly recommend this place.

Melissa P.

May 2015

Ok so let me just say.... AMAZING!I went to Dr. Lee on a recommendation after a bad experience at another dental office for a second opinion. Not only was I extremely impressed by the staff (kind and knowledgable as well as super professional) the office is clean and beautiful as well as the exam/procedure rooms. I was treated so kindly and explained all my options by Dr. Lee. I immediately felt comfortable and scheduled my dual front teeth root canals. On my procedure day I was treated like a queen even though I can't judge morning traffic right and was late. Root canals were a breeze! Fast and absolutely PAINLESS! In and out in less that 2 hours! Dr. Lee is a consummate professional and a magical wondrous dentist! Not only was he a better choice but I would recommend him to anyone seeking a dentist! Thank You Dr. Lee I'll see you again and again!


Apr 2015

I was recommended by my husband who originally went because of a promotion the office was offering. I had to have some work done that I constituted "major" - lots of cavities, extraction(s), and deep cleaning. Ugh, right? When I had my consultation appointment, the whole office made me feel comfortable in the sense that I could SEE everything they were explaining to me - I could ask questions with no "brush-off" - I was given different options that could help me get back on track, and that's what I believe great service to be. The DAY finally came yesterday when I had to have the one side of my face "updated". They were patient with me, and even provided a blanket when I was shivering to death, AND offered a follow-up call that same night to see how I was doing - CLASS ACT, right here. Needless to say, I am extremely impressed by the quality that Dr. Lee and his staff present, and have found my new family dentist. Thanks team!

James T.

Apr 2015

The service and energy here from every single person was unbelievably top notch. They do an amazing job from top to bottom!

Daria B.

Mar 2015

I have only good things to say about Dr. Lee. He and his staff were patient about my fear of pain. He proposed reasonable treatment plans and explained everything in details.Additionally, one particular experience showed his high-level of professionalism. He started to install one of the crowns on my molars and decided it did not fit well. So he made a new mold, reordered it, and later installed it at no extra cost to me. Any other dentist would have said "it'll do" and forgot about it.

Shweta A.

Mar 2015

I had my crown restoration done by Dr. Lee. He was great in terms of procedure. It did not hurt me at all. He explained what the process is and what will he be doing? I have limited mouth opening and unfortunately the tooth which needed work was in bad spot, but Dr. Lee was very patient and kept giving me rest breaks in between just to relax my jaw. I was pretty nervous about the procedure, therefore I had read about it online before my appointment, but unlike other dentists, Dr. Lee explains every step to his patient just to ease and relax them. I think that is needed because dental work can be nerve wrecking sometimes. He did not rush for my procedure even though it was taking time. I am really happy with the service, will return again and highly recommend him.

Masha O.

Feb 2015

I needed to get my wisdom teeth pulled so I shopped around on yelp and emailed a bunch of places. Dr. Joseph Lee emailed me back that very night and we discussed my concerns with my TMJ (Temporomandibular joint dysfunction) and the wisdom teeth possibly affecting that negatively as well. I was sold by his quick and thorough responses, especially the detail in which he addressed my TMJ concerns.They scheduled me for a consultation the following week. We took a panoramic x-ray, confirming my wisdom teeth were an issue, and he also diagnosed a recurrent gum infection with the wisdom teeth which had been causing inflammation in that area turning into further TMJ trouble.Day of wisdom teeth extraction, Dr. Lee talked me through everything and answered all my questions without any annoyance. I felt so much more reassured afterwards because I was definitely quite anxious. Annnd....the procedure went perfectly! The numbing took longer than the actual extraction! He got the top teeth out in no time and the bottom were out a minute later. I literally garbled "oh my god!" after he was done, it was so fast! Barely any pain. I only had barely noticeable swelling the first day and I was able to eat normally once the numbing wore off 5 hours later. They have been healing fine, check up confirmed yesterday. I'm not so sure anymore what I was so worried about in the first place!I was very happy to learn that his office specializes in TMJ and other Craniofacial issues. Financially, they gave me a great deal on the wisdom teeth extraction considering I was paying all out of pocket. My current dental insurance seems to only be accepted by less than smile-worthy dentists, and I am glad I paid more out of pocket for the peace of mind I received here. I'll be looking into PPO insurance options so I can continue with this office for my future dental needs.I was so impressed with the level of attentiveness and customer service from the entire office, Dr. Lee and the front office staff, very jovial group of people. Super recommend. A+ :D (full smile, minus 4 pesky wisdom teeth squatters)

Christopher L.

Feb 2015

Keep on flossing!Tiffany is welcome addition to the Dr. Lee team. She is a dedicated professional and helps me keep my teeth and gums clean! Seriously, my grille hasn't looked this good in a long time.

Khashina W.

Jan 2015

Brought my 7 year old in and again received phenomenal service. The hygienist was so fun and informative. Tiffany truly showed care and concern for my son's teeth. She patiently explained to my son how to properly brush and floss his teeth in a fun way. Dr. Lee also made sure my son's teeth were cared for by adding protective sealants.The next morning my son brushed his teeth just how he was taught, and was so proud of his teeth!We LOVE our family Dentist, we're here to stay!

Ray H.

Oct 2014

I have recently moved to USA from England. A bridge came loose in my mouth and I made an appointment at very short notice to see Dr Lee.He was able to make a small adjustment to the bridge and re fix better than when than when it was originally installed. He did an excellent job. I would certainly recommend Dr Lee and his practice.

Henrik B.

Oct 2014

I've been coming here for 2 and a half years or so, and not because anybody is forcing me :)Dr Lee and the staff are great and accommodating. Dr Lee has been great about asking for any issues and experiences and is very good at suggesting way to improve my oral hygiene.He's quick and efficient when cleaning or doing fillings, is a master at numbing and has made sure the bite is nicely aligned after any filling or bridge.The office is large and clean, staff always gives me reminders before my appointment, and have worked with me to make the most of my dental insurance.

Ken L.

Sep 2014

Dr. Lee does a great job of making one feel comfortable when visiting the dental office. He goes out of his way to provide a painless experience. He also takes time to answer questions. He is very thorough.

Michael T.

Sep 2014

I don't normally leave reviews, but I figure that great performance should be recognized.Dr Lee is a fantastic dentist. He did my veneers/crowns a year ago and they look great. I've received many compliments on my teeth for the first time in my life.Dr Lee is attentive and courteous and was sensitive to my questions and pricing considerations. Highly recommended

Linuxdude R.

Sep 2014

Dr.Lee was my dentist from 2010-2012 while I lived in the Bay area. He was very friendly and reliable for my periodic visits. Their office is at a busy location on El Camino but very quiet and calm once you go inside. I typically choose the Friday afternoon appointments and have been treated with meticulous care and detail, without any sort of rush.And oh, during my first couple of visits there, they were playing Radio 94.5 which I was listening for the first time. That station became my go-to radio channel in my car :=) Major props to their office for introducing me to that station!Dr. Lee was very friendly and I still remember him tenaciously plugging away and extracting a troublesome tooth I had. "You suck", he said, looking at that tooth that finally gave up!And a special note of commendation for their front desk staff, especially one lady named Suzette - once my insurance company denied payment for a tooth extraction. Suzette sent me a detailed email about it and asked me for some details so that she could speak to them about it. On my next visit, she got on the phone with them and battled it out on my behalf for close to half an hour, trying different numbers, faxing them paperwork if necessary and got them to pay for my treatment. FANTASTIC and AWESOME job that I appreciate given how picky my insurance provider got, maximum kudos to Suzette!Plus they are very upfront with you about how much your coverage can take care of your bills and work hard to get the best from your insurance. I do miss them since I no longer live in the valley.

Jenny N.

Aug 2014

Dr. Lee is awesome! I don't think I've ever said that about a dentist before (and definitely not a few hours after a root canal). I've been going to him for the past 2 years and it's always a pleasant experience, even for someone who gets major anxiety about going to the dentist.Dr. Lee is not only extremely competent and experienced but genuinely cares about giving you the most comfortable experience possible while you are there. I highly recommend him!

Neil V.

Aug 2014

Dr. Lee and his staff are professional, courteous and kind. The care is excellent, and and the atmosphere of the office is friendly. The physical facility is clean and inviting. I have had a fair amount of dental work done at his office and I totally recommend this dentist and this office staff to anyone.

Grace A.

Aug 2014

I just got my upper two wisdom teeth removed and was really impressed with the entire staff at Mountain View Family & Cosmetic Dentistry. Both Jessica and Suzette were really nice and polite, the PA staff explained everything really well and Dr. Lee was awesome.I got held up at the Social Security Office for a half hour before my apt. and the staff was really nice about moving things around and didn't give me a hard time at all (although they did say that usually they need to reschedule after 30 minutes). Then when I got in I really had no idea what insurance I had, because I used to me on my dads, then he retired so I was on my moms, and I got married three weeks ago, and we moved across the country. But the receptionist was really helpful and called the insurance companies for me and basically found my insurance. lol. And all of this was after I told them I would pay for the procedure out of pocket if need be, so they were just doing it for my convenience. Dr. Lee and one of the PAs even let me use their personal phones while I was trying to figure it all out.Then when we actually started getting the wisdom teeth out, Dr. Lee was very attentive to my pain level and kept asking me how I was feeling. He explained everything well and was generally cheerful and fun to work with. I was surprised that it only took 5 minutes to remove both top wisdom teeth and I couldn't feel a thing. It's now 5 hours post op and I have no pain yet, most of the feeling has returned to my mouth, and there is no swelling.My mom and sister both had terrible experiences getting their wisdom teeth removed, so I know it takes some talent to do it well. I'm really glad that I found this place and will be returning for my regular dentistry as well.

Jeanne H.

Aug 2014

Here's an update on my visit with Dr. Joseph Lee, DDS. I had dropped my night mouth guard on the floor and it had broken into 2 pieces. I contacted Dr. Lee and his office quickly set up an appointment for me to come in. He looked at the night guard and said it was the first time that ever happened in his practice. I had noted it seemed a lot tighter in the front in the past month; he thought it may have had a stressor on it; Long story short, he offered to replace it for free. They took another mouth cast and I was able to obtain a replacement in 2 weeks. He also reinforced it so it shouldn't happen again. I call that real service. Thanks Dr. Lee!

Gabrielle C.

Jun 2014

Great dentist, great staff. Had a cleaning with no pain at all. Everyone was friendly and helpful. It's such a relief to find a good dentist.

KalyanBabu R.

Jun 2014

Dr. Lee and his team are exceptionally good and professionals. I had done my root canal (which was done poorly by another Dr.), he did re did my root canal with great precision and care. Post root canal I had some blisters (this was due to the my gums taking stress), he treated with care and provided me with proper reasons. This all happened 3months back, since then I did not have any problems with my teeth. He advised me how to take care of my teeth and gums.Today I went for my routine check up and he provided me the feedback and asked me I'd I was following his advise on teeth and gums, which I was doing. He cleaned my teeth once again and this time his assistant demonstrated how to clean my teeth.I like the way they treat and took care of me.

Dasha T.

Apr 2014

I've been to many dentists and I can say this one is one of the best. He went out of his way to redo the crown which didn't fit right. I couldn't tell the difference but apparently he did. His staff and Dr. Lee have always been very attentive to my fear of pain, always made sure I was comfortable even during the most uncomfortable procedures.

Sammantha S.

Apr 2014

This was the best time I have had in a dentist chair!!! Dr. and staff are all totally top notch and I will never go anywhere else. They help you figure out your insurance and gentle payment plans for anyone. They are really there to help you with all your dental needs and go past the call of duty when it comes to service. They are Veteran friendly and welcome any Veteran with dental vouchers from the VA. You need not look any further for a great dentist, because here they are!!!! Thanks everyone!!

Reb T.

Feb 2014

Dr. Lee and his staff are thoughtful, courteous, kind and good at what they do.

Jessica V.

Feb 2014

I met met Dr. Lee 2 years ago and he did xrays on my teeth. He gave me his honest opinion on my teeth. Then I lost my job the next month. Two years later, I cracked my tooth and Dr. Lee quoted me the price for route canal and crown. I don't have insurance and I tried other places. Other places wanted me to do implants. I called Dr. Lee and he told me his honest feedback again about my tooth. A miracle happened and I was able to work with Dr. Lee to fix my cracked tooth. I was nervous being numb but Dr. Lee made me feel comfortable and he was gentle. In the past I had a bad experience with the dentist where they made me feel bad for not flossing or hitting my nerve when they would numb me. I have a goal to save my money and to work with Dr. Lee again to fix my other tooth that needs a route canal and crown. Also the office is very clean and the hygienist, Cecilia, was very nice and gentle when she did my x-rays too.,

Genie P.

Jan 2014

Dr. Lee is a very caring and smart dentist. I have a lot of "dental anxiety" yet he is so reassuring and kind that it is no longer a problem. I enjoy going to the dentist now, feel good about taking better care of my teeth. The staff is also great. Provide excellent dental education, take time, never feel rushed. I highly recommend Dr Lee and staff.

Neal H.

Jan 2014

Everyone's so friendly; great office! I am so happy here. All are very professional and nice. Thanks for your great service.

Nancy K.

Jan 2014

Dr Lee's is a great doctor he has a very friendly staff . The offices are neat and clean. i have been going to DR. Lee for the last 2 yrs for my whole family he is really great with kids my 9 year old would only see DR Lee and my 4 year old is not scared of the dentist either.

Raymond S.

Nov 2013

Dr. Lee is simply AMAZING. He takes great pride in what he does and isn't satisfied until everything is perfect. He along with his wonderful staff made me feel comfortable and well taken care of. I recently had crowns put in and they feel and fit perfectly. Thank you Dr. Lee for giving me my smile back!!!!

Rishi A.

Nov 2013

Dr. Joseph Lee is a great dentist. The staff are friendly, the service is professional, and the office is clean and up to date. Done.

Maggie Y.

Oct 2013

I got a root canal yesterday AND I'M PERFECTLY FINE TODAY. Is this a miracle or is Dr. Joseph Lee just really good at teeth?The rest of my experience was great here. They worked with me so that I could get the most out of my insurance this year (I had three cavities and a root canal... whoops!) and were very calming and reassuring when I got nervous about having dental work done (my first time getting any of my teeth drilled!). All in all, a great dentist and team and I'd happily come here again!

David H.

Oct 2013

Dr. Joseph Lee is simply the best dentist I've ever had and I have no hesitation recommending him to my friends and family. From Invisalgin to dental surgery to deep cleanings and basic care, I've received nothing but the best from him and his staff. If you need someone who's competent, caring, professional, and super friendly, this is the place to go. His rates are competitive and his skills are top notch. Go Bruins! (Even though I'm a Cardinal) Go here if you want the best dentist in the South Bay!I work in Pleasanton now and I still make the trek down to get my dental cleanings/care here. 5+ star for the prices, care, Dr. Lee, and staff! You won't regret it!

Maribel K.

Oct 2013

This Dentist practice is one the best ones I have ever been to. The area is nice, organized and clean. They always have all the recent magazines in the waiting area, water and tea. The staff is really friendly and make you feel really comfortable. Dr. Joseph Lee is really nice and while he's working on my teeth he asks of I'm okay or in any pain. Another great thing I noticed was that usually when I've gotten numb before filling a cavity it would hurt so bad, and with Dr. Joseph Lee I feel no pain at all while he's numbing my cheek or working on my teeth. I moved from the area a couple months ago and to this day I drive about 1:30-2 hours just to go this particular practice because my experience has just been so great and my teeth have been up to date with everything. :)

Shaun W.

Oct 2013

Dr. Lee is the best! Everybody is as helpful, accommodating and caring as they can be. Can't say enough about how much they have done for me. Highly recommended!!!!

Teri F.

Jul 2013

This place is amazing. The staff at the front desk is very nice, helpful on questions about insurance. Dr. Lee is one of the best. He is patient and answered all my questions. I had a wisdom tooth pulled and a cavity filled.... and I was quite nervous. He was calming, made sure I was okay and made both procedures painless. My teeth cleaning and check-ups are thorough. I can't recommend a better dentist than Dr. Lee

Steven J.

May 2013

I recently switched insurances due to a new job and was looking for a new dentist in the Mountain View area.  I came across Dr. Lee on my "in-network" dentist list and as I usually do, I checked him out on Yelp.  Saw some very good feedback so I made an appointment for a routine checkup and cleaning.  Background:  I had recently noticed some slight discomfort every once in a while which is most commonly associated with the presence of wisdom teeth.  My last dentist informed me that they were definitely there but if they are not causing too much discomfort then not to worry about them.  So fast forward 9 months my appt. with Dr. Lee....Being a new patient I signed an agreement saying if I had not had X-rays done in the last 6 months that I would need new ones (someone commented on here saying there were not asked...but you sign an agreement saying you need recent X-rays before any work is done).  X-rays are always awkward and uncomfortable but being a regular with dentists, definitely used to it and it was not too bad.  I mentioned my wisdom teeth and offered a panorama from my previous dentist which Dr. Lee gladly accepted and took a look.This is where Dr. Lee shined:  He was very calm and honest and analyzed the x-rays before basing judgement on my own comments and "internet research".  For my case, there are no deep pockets (referring to the bottom wisdom teeth) near the teeth that would cause any harm in terms of food particles etc getting between teeth and causing tooth decay.  As long as I kept my teeth clean, I should be ok.  Additionally, given the position of the teeth in my jaw, it would be a risky procedure because of the proximity of nerves are to the teeth.  There is risk of damaging the nerves and permanently losing sensation in the area.  Dr. Lee explained that he himself opted not to have his removed for the exact same reason and to this day does not have too much discomfort.  His professional opinion was to not remove them unless the pain is too intense which it has never been.CLEANING:  The cleaning (performed by Dr. Lee) was a breeze but it really depends on how well you take care of your teeth.  Little bit of picking and prodding but bearable.  I was in and out of the office in a little less than an hour including the X-rays.  SUMMARY:  So, with all that said, I came in looking for an honest opinion and got exactly what I wanted and more.  Its nice to know he was not in it for the money and wanted to remove the teeth just because they were there.  Dr. Lee is very likable, professional, and calm.  Staff was very pleasing to be around and the office was very clean.  I am scheduled again in 6 months for another cleaning and could not be happier!

Sean W.

Apr 2013

I've visited twice now, once for a cleaning and once for a wisdom tooth removal. Dr. Lee shows you your x-ray on his computer and explains in detail what's wrong and what he's doing to fix it. I really appreciate that he doesn't just make you take his word for it, like most other dentists I've visited.

Che E.

Mar 2013

The man does great work, I don't come out with cold sweaty palms and a rapidly beating heart like my old dentist. Friendly, and doesn't say, "Yeah, right, pfffhhh," when you explain that you actually do floss your teeth. His staff is cool too, and he works his best to get your teeth all nice and healthy even when you're trying to make ends meet. Guy is cool, go to him...

Phuong T.

Dec 2012

I originally came here about 8 months ago for a cleaning thanks to a Groupon deal, but I stuck around as a cash patient for awhile before coming back with dental insurance. :)Dr. Joe Lee and his staff are pretty great. They're very professional and friendly, and they make sure I know what's happening before it happens so I can feel calmer when they're working on me. On my last visit for a general cleaning, I warned them that I had a cankersore that was healing, and the assistant told me, "Oh, if you had come in last week, we could've taken care of that cankersore for you with our laser." OMG YOU CAN DO THAT WITH LASERS? Dr. Lee later explained that they would basically cauterize it with the laser so that the cankersore wouldn't be a problem anymore. At that point, it was already a week since I had it, so it was already healing well and didn't need the laser. Still, it's a good thing to know for next time. They were pretty careful and didn't prod my cankersore at all while they were cleaning my teeth.Anyway, I'll probably stick to Dr. Joe Lee for the long haul. :)

Jesse B.

Dec 2012

My wife and I originally came to Dr. Lee's office using a Groupon deal, but now we are regular patients. Dr. Lee's cleanings are painless and thorough, and his filling/crown work is quick and reasonably priced. I give Dr. Lee my highest recommendation.

Toni S.

Dec 2012

Best dentist ever!! After being misdiagnosed by my regular dentist for 18 months, and finally deciding to get a second opinion, Dr. Lee was able to correctly diagnose my severe tooth pain and schedule me for a same-day root canal and crown. I have to say he was courteous, gentle, and very aware of my pain level throughout the entire day. He quickly ruled out the previous dentist's misconceptions & using his more modern technology was able to show me the exact issue with my tooth. I really appreciated his demeanor, his intelligence, and being able to see exactly what was happening. He kept me well informed and comfortable throughout the process.

Jay S.

Oct 2012

At the ripe age of 35, I've been to many dentists since I was 5 including getting braces when I was 12. I am very familiar with dental pain and a swollen mouth in general. I've seen some good dentists and some serious hacks. I bought a Groupon for a cleaning and went in knowing I need a tooth pulled from a previous botched root canal from a hack dentist.I had the cleaning done, which by the was was extremely professional and AWESOME! It was performed perfectly. After review of my dental situation, the doctor recommended extraction of said botched root canal, cleaning and some fillings. The tooth was extracted last Friday and I have NO pain. The procedure was conducted with absolute precision. I was extremely comfortable, my mouth was numbed perfectly with local anesthesia and the ensuing cleaning, extraction and graft were perfect. Besides some mild swelling, I have no pain.Dr. Lee called to check on me late Friday, just to make sure I was recovering OK. (No other Dr. does that today) By Sunday, I had no pain, but the swelling around the stitches had reduced and the stitches had come loose, so I called him on his cell, which he had asked me to do over the weekend, if I had any problems. He asked me to come in on Monday at noon, and immediately took a look at the stitches and cleared me.His staff is extremely friendly and were great as well. The hygienist was extremely cordial and a perfectionist. The front desk staff including the lady that handles the insurance were all amazing. His facility is state of the art, the equipment new and clean. He can perform procedures ranging from basic cleanings to major dental surgery. No referrals to other oral surgeons (Thank god!). He has the 180 degree X-Ray which is great in complex situations and gives the doctor a great view of all dental related issues. He also has a CT Scan for more complex issues.Dr. Lee. can also help with TMJ and other sleep related disorders. This is a one stop shop for all dental related procedures.I would recommend Dr. Lee to anyone that has not been to a dentist in a while and is afraid of dental procedures in general. He's breaking all the traditional rules and taking names while doing it. He's part of a new breed of dentists and the facility feels much like a spa.If you're considering dental work, go see him immediately!

O K.

Jul 2012

What a relief to have found Dr. Lee! I went in for a standard cleaning (with a Groupon), and he cleaned my teeth himself and answered all of my questions. The whole staff was very welcoming and professional.I was so impressed that I sent my boyfriend to see him the same week. My boyfriend had been told a few months earlier by a different local dentist (C.H.) that he needed about $4k of dental work (root canal, crown, deep cleaning). Dr. Lee's second opinion (and subsequent work) was amazing for two reasons. First, he found an important issue that the other dentist overlooked. My boyfriend's fillings, which were over fifteen years old, were cracked, meaning they put him at risk for the kind of infections that make root canals necessary in the first place.Second, even INCLUDING replacing these fillings, Dr. Lee's bill was MUCH less than what the other dentist had estimated.I'm happy to report that my boyfriend found the root canal "minimally uncomfortable and impressively high-tech," and he has fully recovered. He will go back for the remaining work next week, and we'll definitely both be back to see Dr. Lee for all of our cleanings and check-ups from now on!

Ken L.

May 2012

Got my wisdom tooth removed. staff was helpful, Dr. Lee was informative and did his best to make the procedure go as smoothly as possible. Dr. Lee also did a follow up call later on in the evening to make sure everything is fine. I would recommend. It is a little pricey, but you get what you pay for.

Joan R.

Apr 2012

I just got a tooth removed from Joseph Lee. I don't have anything but good words to both the Doctor and all the staff. I didn't feel ANYTHING at all, and I have been in several dentists for other procedures, so I know what I am talking aboutHe is this kind of person that makes you feel relaxed and confident about what is going to do and why does he have to do that. Making you feel that way is not easy when the words come from a guy who is going to take your tooth out, but he does it really well.I have read some reviews that says that he "wanted to take more money than needed". He did an awesome analysis of all my mouth and suggested other procedures that would be good to do, and I believe that his job is, at least, to inform you what is going on in your mouth. You are free to decide.

Raana S.

Feb 2012

For me the dentist has never been fun. So when I moved to the area, I learned of Dr. Lee through Groupon, and used Yelp for consumer reviews about dentists. I decided to go with Dr. Lee after seeing the abundant good reviews - and now I know why. Here's my experience..It was the most comfortable I've ever been at the dental office. Dr. Lee was extremely informative and gentle. He used the latest technology and procedures, such as: measuring my bite, gum depth and inflammation, x-rays where even done digitally. Additionally, he has a great sense of humor.On top of all that, I was given a print out of exactly how my insurance coverage worked for me; I was even told how much I would have to pay out of pocket for certain services.I was asked repeatedly if I had any questions or concerns. It was the most informative dentist visit I have had. I am excited I found a wonderful staff and hope to pass along the word like it was passed to me!

Eddie N.

Feb 2012

Quality Dentist.   Super professional and skilled, yet affable and easy-going with a good sense of humor.  Pleasant, calming bedside manner.  Seems to genuinely care for his patients' health, and take pleasure in thorough, quality work.Helpful Front-Staff.   Professional, and very much on-top-of-it.  Super helpful and nice!  Kinda like your (non-naggy) mom or favorite auntie.Cutting-edge, open Facility.   New, up-to-date equipment, including DIGITAL x-rays (1/3 the radiation), consultation & diagnosis LCD screens at each station, and even in-mouth cameras.  Comfortable, open setup feels extra clean and peaceful.Overall.   HIGHLY recommended.   -----------------------After seeing all the stellar reviews echoing the qualities I care about most in a dentist, I simply got a really good feeling about Dr. Lee.  Needless to say, I was not disappointed.When I came in for my appt., the first thing I noticed was the clean, open atmosphere.  A lot of offices (and especially waiting rooms) feel closed-off, cramped.  This office is refreshingly bright, with lots of natural lighting, high ceilings, and almost all of the chairs are sectioned off but not "enclosed."After my x-rays were taken and ported to the screen at my chair, Dr. Lee came by to assess.  On the x-ray, he showed me in clear detail where there were signs of decay, where bone mass "should" be, and was even happy to draw a diagram when I had a couple questions.  For one of the points of decay (shown on the x-ray as dark spots), he even pointed out how it was likely due to a subpar job by a previous dentist who failed to drill down past the contact point (apparently, a standard "best practice").He suggested two fillings (one to repair the crappy one), and a deep cleaning (no surprise, since it'd been at least 3-4 years since my last visit).  All the while, it was clear that he was professionally concerned in his treatment suggestions, and I NEVER FELT even an OUNCE of pressure; I'd bet that he'd suggest exactly the same to his own mother.After giving me the anesthetic, he gave me some time for it to take effect.  Cecilia, one of the dental assistants, asked me if I wanted a magazine form the waiting room.  Later, she even swung by again to see if I'd like another!  THAT's above and beyond!I'll admit, I've come across less-than-honest, and pushy dentists.  But I've also had some really great dentists, too.  However, Dr. Lee's practice takes the cake--the whole experience was easy, painless (literally), and now I wonder why I've always put off going to the dentist.  I guess I just never really found a good dentist.Add'l reasons why Dr. Lee's what I've always wanted in a dentist:1.  He's into keeping up with the latest technologies--signs of a true professional who takes his trade seriously, AND/OR a craftsman who takes genuine pride in his work.2.  He explains everything he's doing in my mouth while he's doing it--It calms me; plus, I'm just plain curious!3.  I never felt the needle--who in the world ever likes feeling the needle?

G K.

Feb 2012

Dr. Lee is a very competent and professional doctor.  I have never enjoyed going to the dentist's office but I can honestly say that I now go to Dr. Lee's office with no reluctancy.  The noise of all the tools still makes my bones shiver, but sometimes I look forward to going to visit Dr. Lee and his staff after work!I originally came to Dr. Lee in hopes of getting Invisalign but he informed me that I was not a good candidate for it because my teeth would not be corrected to the optimal level with Invisalign.  I went to 2 other orthodontists and they said the exact same thing.  I returned to Dr. Lee mostly because his office is close to work, they were accomodating to my schedule and the staff is genuine in their care.Before getting my braces on, I had some work done on my teeth by Dr. Lee.  ALL GREAT!  He is very gentle, great at explaining the procedures, and very responsive to emails.It has been 2 1/2 months since getting my braces and I have not received as many compliments/comments about my teeth and my smile as I have WITH my braces on!  My friends can already see a huge improvement and strangers have commented on how great my smile is.  I'm so glad Dr. Lee told me exactly what I needed instead of letting me go through with Invisalign.  He's told me that I would not be anywhere close to where i am now if i had decided to go with Invisalign.I am very happy that I went to Dr. Lee and grateful for his dedication to providing his patients with the best care!

Dania J.

Jan 2012

I had my two lower wisdom teeth extracted recently and the process went pretty smoothly. He told me what I should do to heal well and since I followed his advice, it went as he had described. Dr. Lee also gave me a good deal and so I'm satisfied with my experience overall!

Heesun L.

Oct 2011

I had a great experience at Dr. Lee's office! I recently went in to get cavity fillings. His staff was professional and friendly. As soon as we entered the office we were greeted warmly, even though we were late to our appointment. He explained the procedure to me and then gave me the anesthesia. The whole procedure was relatively painless and due to his professionalism and warm demeanor, I will return for any dental work in the future.

Rachel H.

Sep 2011

I recently had three wisdom teeth extracted by Dr. Lee and he did wonderful job with the whole process. Since I have a size of a 5 yr old girl's mouth, every time I go to dentist, its totally pain in the butt but Dr. Lee did great job with my teeth. I only did local anesthetic and extracted all three! It took a while because he had to adjust his view and to hold my opened mouth but in general it was good. I took ibuprofen and Vicodin for few days and whole bunch of ice cream for few weeks but it swell down well. and I look the same!Like Mike J, who wrote below, I think his fees' are very very very reasonable. I got very reasonable price, even with insurance. and Had great quality service with Dr. Lee and his staff.his staffs are amazing too! And don't forget to mention the yelp deal that you see, because it is worth it. I didn't get mine yet, but planning to get it soon. :)

Mike J.

Aug 2011

I recently had three wisdom teeth removed by Dr. Lee and was extremely pleased with the entire process. The procedure was amazingly quick and painless (done with only a local anesthetic). I went home expecting to need pain pills after the anesthesia wore off. Later that afternoon I took a single Ibuprofen (just as a precaution, not because I was in any pain) and that was it! I slept very well that night and woke up feeling great! I should also mention that Dr. Lee's fees are VERY reasonable,  particularly for self-employed people like myself who have no dental insurance. I could have spent hundreds of dollars more had I elected to go to an Oral Surgery "specialist" and I have no doubt that the quality of care would have been no better than what I received.Highly recommended!

Puja V.

Jul 2011

I really enjoyed my checkup with Dr. Lee this week (well, as much as you can enjoy going to the dentist). I had not been to the dentist in quite some time and knew the news was not going to be great. Even so, Dr. Lee was patient and non-judgmental when explaining the state of my teeth, and I was even able to see the issues close up, as he had a high-definition camera handy to take closeups of the teeth in question. I also really liked that while I was having my exam done, he was able to show me hi-res pictures of my x-rays as well, so that I could understand what was going on. Dr. Lee was delightful to talk with and he explained everything to me very clearly. I'm very pleased to have found such a wonderful dentist.

K. G.

Apr 2011

I heart this place. I've been here since late 2009 when Dr. Nipa was here. When Dr. Lee took over my invisalign case, I was a little apprehensive because I didn't know if he was going to welcome me as a new patient of his.He did. And he's very easy going and explains everything that's going on.  My teeth weren't tracking right and I had to get a new set of trays, and he and the staff took care of that. My straight teeth are almost here!! And I'll be a lil sad to not be coming back every 6 weeks to pick up my new trays.

Grace C.

Apr 2011

Haven't been to the dentist in a few years, decided to find one when I visited my family up north. I needed a few fillings unfortunately and a cleaning, but Dr. Lee made me feel comfortable with the treatment and finished my treatment in a very efficient manner. I would also like to add that the staff here are very professional, helpful and friendly. They all really know how to make you feel at home. I will be a patient of Dr. Lee's for life!

Janet L.

Jan 2011

Dental offices give me the same kind of heebie jeebies that hospitals do - The sterile smell, the sound of drills, and the mere sight of the torture-contraption-like chairs make me break out into a cold sweat!  Some traumatic experiences as a child with dentists wielding pliers for tooth extractions have permanently ingrained in me an unhealthy fear of these professionals.  Thus, I only go when I really, REALLY need to, and even avoid my twice-yearly cleanings!Unfortunately, a filling in my back molar chipped, which necessitated this visit.  My prior dentist had moved to the boondocks of Modesto, so I was on the search for a good dentist and that led me to Dr. Lee.With a dull sense of dread, I checked in for my appointment and was greeted cheerfully by the receptionst and was whisked away for x-rays immediately.  The friendly staffer and I chatted about food and city-living as he took the impressions and it was done pretty quickly.  After it was finished, I was taken back to the lobby where I made myself a cup of coffee.  It wasn't long before I was escorted back for my consultation.Dr. Lee performed the examination with care.  I've been to dentists who have poked too hard, causing bleeding and discomfort, but he was extremely careful to not cause pain.  It's horribly dehumanizing to go to a dentist who treats your mouth like a car engine that needs to be fixed.After the exam, he reviewed the x-rays with me, explaining his treatment plan and I felt like he was honest in his assessment, and was giving me a variety of options based on his knowledge.  For example, he said I could go with ceramic again to replace the filling, but that it wouldn't last as long as gold because it was prone to chipping as it wasn't as strong of a material.Great staff, a stellar dental examination experience that didn't cause any anxiety, and I'd definitely recommend him to anyone who's looking for a good dentist!  I'll be back again for my filling and future dental cleanings!

H M.

Jan 2011

I can't say enough good things about this office staff. I've been in several times, for an Invisalign consultation, cleaning, and fillings, and I'm looking forward to visiting every few weeks once my trays come in.Everyone you encounter from the front office, hygienist/assistant, to Dr. Lee - all fabulous friendly people who go out of their way to communicate well and make your experience as smooth as possible. The office is easy to get to on El Camino, clean, and comfortable.I definitely recommend! It has taken away my dread of the dentist visit. How many people can say that about their dentist? :)


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