Dental Implants & Dentures: Which is the best one for you?

Posted by JOSEPH J. LEE on Apr 22 2019, 08:25 AM

Dental Implants & Dentures: Which is the best one for you?

Losing a tooth or two can be a huge psychological letdown, especially if you’ve lost the frontal teeth. The way you bite and chew food would also feel different as unequal pressure and stresses would be applied to them. Luckily, teeth that are extracted can be restored by prosthetic ones just the way they looked earlier. Along with the aesthetics, the functionality would also return to normal.


What are dental implants?

 The best way to replace an entire tooth is by inserting a tooth-like prosthetic exactly in its place. This is precisely what an implant is. It is a metal stud, preferably Titanium, that’s inserted into the jawbone where the natural tooth existed. A ceramic restoration (dental crown) will be attached to the metal implant by means of an adhesive. It can be made to look exactly like your natural teeth, thereby completely keeping it in disguise.

    Why should you get an implant done?

    • The implant stud offers excellent sturdiness and stability even when you bite and chew like you always do. You wouldn’t have to worry about the tooth snapping off or getting dislocated while eating food.
    • The implant crown can be customized to such a level that its texture and color can be perfectly matched with that of the natural enamel. In fact, no one would be able to tell that it is a fake tooth even upon taking a closer look at it!
    • Getting an implant prevents the onset of malocclusion. When a tooth is extracted, the remaining teeth tend to move from their places, which often leads to misalignment of teeth. But, when an implant is inserted in the natural tooth’s place, the teeth wouldn’t have any excessive space to move to.
    • Perhaps, the biggest advantage of implants is that they last long. With proper care, they stay as good as new for several years together.

    How are dentures different from implants?

     Dentures are usually used to replace a lot more than a single tooth. They can be customized to restore just a few selected teeth (partial dentures) or all the teeth (complete dentures) which makes it more convenient for patients. Unlike implants, dentures are removable prosthetics. They are a set of teeth held together by a metal framework and gum-colored acrylic which can be put on and removed, as and when required. Together, they effectively replace the lost teeth and restore the functionality of the mouth as well.

    What makes dentures desirable?

    • Dentures are the best restoratives to replace a large number of teeth. Let’s say a patient has lost up to 20 teeth due to certain medical conditions, it would become too difficult and complicated for us to restore them using implants or dental bridges. But, with dentures, the procedure is simpler, less time consuming and more efficient.
    • Dentures are removable. This makes it easier for the patient to take them off while cleaning their mouth, going to bed, or when they have to clean the dentures.
    • As an aesthetic restoration, dentures are mind-blowing. The face of a person who has lost too many teeth tends to look shrunken as the lips and cheeks have nothing backing them. But, when they put on a denture, their face, almost immediately, looks fuller and much younger.
    If you need tooth replacements, reach out to us by scheduling an appointment to discuss which option would be the best one for you.

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